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WHAT THE PAPERS ( DON’T ) SAY 28th Nov 2014

Nov 28th 2014


The Shadow Education spokesman has voiced an intention to engage in class war by threatening the Private Schools with reduction or removal of Business Rates relief. As with previous Labour attempts on this subject it will founder legally, but it makes good reading for left wing bigots; it just reinforces the old fashioned Marxist leaning of Miliband’s Labour party and also the unembarrassed hypocrisy of yet another privately educated Champagne Socialist. Mr Hunt ( Tristram to his friends ) attended the fee paying private University College School in Hampstead. No doubt he deplores the first class education he received there which he would revoke if only he could, and replace it with a “ bog standard “ Comprehensive version. Like hell he would!!!!

Migration Watch highlights figures from the Office for National Statistics on the impact of immigration into the UK. Between 2001 and 2013 the UK population growth included 2.5 million migrants into the UK. This doesn’t include 1.3 million born during that period to immigrants, making a figure of 3.8 million in total in just 12 years, ie, 84% of the total growth. Irrespective of the fact that many immigrants are contributing to the coffers, think about that next time you cannot get your child into the school of your choice, or get a doctor’s appointment or have your surgical operation delayed once more! Then again, it is the Government’s fault isn’t it – all those nasty cuts when they should be giving billions more to the NHS, schools and the welfare system! After all it is growing in that vast hidden “ Money Tree Forest “ which the government will not harvest; seemingly just to punish us for the hell of it!

The Black Hole!

Yes the EU is in the news. Auditors have found discrepancies in the EU budgets to the tune of £259 billion, YES, £259 billion requiring the UK to stump up £34 billion over the next 6 years. Assuming that the budgets are set in stone, and yes they are as they don’t do “ common sense “, it yet again demonstrates either incompetence on an eye watering scale or corrupt and deliberate sleight of hand to provide the classic fait accompli to national governments within the EU. You sometimes think it is worth the Labour Party getting voted in next year just to have to suffer at the hands of their precious socialist leviathan which continues to leech away at our resources, and justify it to an increasingly sceptical public. Its irrelevance in the 21st century, already questioned, would then be confirmed – the Labour Party’s that is.


More stick for Cllr Taylor from lifelong Labour supporters in the letters columns re Hyde Library.

Talking of libraries, Denton Library is to close in early December until the New Year to allow its removal to the Town Hall. No fanfare here, just flyers at the check out and a week’s notice to the staff. Embarrassing news management yet again!!

Finally, TMBC hits the headlines nationally with “ are these the worst Christmas Trees ever “ in the Daily Telegraph. Micklehurst and Mottram are the recipients of 4 foot twigs ( undecorated ) in the most insulting of gestures. Have the residents been raising questions or petitions in the last 12 months to warrant this punishment?
At least the trees are “ sustainable “ and the Council says they will grow in time. If these trees are still alive or in situ this time next year I will show my !!!! in Burton’s window!

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