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Election communication


UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Ashton-u-Lyne (including Droylsden and Failsworth)


Maurice’s background…

Hello, I’m Maurice Jackson your UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Ashton-u-Lyne in the forthcoming election on the 8th June.  Thanks for taking the time to look at this brief summary about me and my background.
I have been a resident in Tameside all my life and am a retired electrician and semi-retired car and motorcycle mechanic with a keen interest in all forms of motorcycle racing including the Isle of Man TT and motocross.
I joined UKIP in June 2014 after reading their manifesto and finding myself in total agreement with practically all of it.  My primary reason for seeking to represent you, the people of Ashton-u-Lyne, Droylsden and Failsworth, in Parliament is a desire to ensure a secure and financially safe life outside the confines of the EU for present and future generations.  We in UKIP wish to reduce excessive bureaucratic expenditure examples of which can be seen in local and national government and the EU where high salaries are awarded to some politicians and executives who do not generate any income at all but are in fact often inept.  This includes inflated and wasted expenditure on external consultants such as the £1Bn per year spent on those supposedly managing our foreign aid budget.
My view of the British economy is that it needs to be set free from over taxation from all governments.  We want to see a greater reduction in unemployment, and we must encourage investment from entrepreneurs releasing them from excessive legislation that is a great financial burden on British businesses.
We should train local people for local jobs instead of allowing free movement of foreign workers to do the available work.  Use of foreign labour is essentially appropriate as a short term solution while in the long term we should train sufficiently at home.  Let’s not forget that if we take for example a doctor from overseas, the donor country is short of a doctor, and we have simply avoided the cost of training.
Finally we in UKIP will support the NHS, social services, better education facilities, triple lock on pension checks, and all public services by reducing foreign aid cash while providing foreign aid support and resources, and agreements to freely trade with third world countries outside the financial penalties imposed by the EU.  To do this we need your vote.
Thanks again for reading my introduction.  If elected, I will listen to your views and represent you in Parliament often more so than the UKIP party.  Unlike other parties, UKIP allows me that freedom so I hope to serve you well.
Maurice Jackson


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