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Denton Library Closure?

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It has been quietly confirmed that the Denton Library will be closed on Dec 6th until Jan 5th whilst it is moved to the Town Hall. The staff got as little as a week’s notice of this – there’s a surprise, and you will not see it in any papers this week. The Council are meanwhile promoting e books etc – can you spot the synergy here? I can, and I predict that in due course the library, like all others in Tameside will be a memory only, OR,  as one last clinging edifice following amalgamations, moved to…. yes you have guessed it; Ashton!


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The official line? “ The Council is committed to reducing the number of authority owned buildings instead of services. Therefore the library is going back to its roots of 1888 at the Town Hall in a space redesigned to allow delivery of a modern library service.” They missed out words like smaller, less selection and temporarily until they can claim reduced usage, changing technology and close it.


A question? What was in the Town Hall previously as there is now so much space, available?


Another question? They are building offices in the old library building whilst the new Ashton Offices are being built. What happens then? Fortunately the Denton Library building is protected from sale by its being a bequest in perpetuity to the people of the Town. Then again, apparently so were some allotments in the Town, but the deeds were apparently housed in Preston from the days of Lancs County Council and Tameside Council stated that they had been lost; and therefore N/A! Is Tameside a Banana Republic, a relic of the Soviet State?

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