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A collection of publications relating to the EU and the Referendum

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EU extravagance

stolen seas trade beyond eu
Common questions on the EU Referendum answered by Gerard Batten MEP  Big Spenders – A Story of Extravagance, Waste and Propaganda How the UK suffers under the Common Fisheries Policy Why exiting the EU takes the UK into a world of new opportunity
caught_offside save our steel EUseless referendum book
Caught Offside!  The EU and it’s growing influence over football A small leaflet highlighting the main factors affecting British steel today

   EUseless: A view from the mad house –  employment, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and political indoctrination are just some of the topics in this book.

The forty year long deception by EU and state politicians culminating in Dave’s Disastrous Ditch that’s not worth the paper it’s written on.
evil_empire a dysfunctional relationship 101reasons ukip keeping the lights on
How the Common Fisheries Policy is recolonising the Third World A look at the economic relationships of countries outside the EU Weblink to the text in this useful booklet – for a hard copy contact the publisher The potential for blackouts by 2020 – UKIP has the solution
out of the eu into the world the handover of gb
The UK does not need to be in a political union in order to trade and other inconvenient truths In the last 40 years the government of our country has been handed over to an alien bureaucracy in a foreign capital – written by Professor Tim Congdon, CBE