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WHAT THE PAPERS ( DON’T ) SAY Dec 7th 2014

One of two items from the National News this week which will be of comfort to those constituents of Denton & Reddish as it confirms how your elected MP is working hard on your behalf down in the corridors of power in Westminster!!!!
Mr Gwynne was reported by a national newspaper to have asked a question of the Transport Minister in relation to the once weekly occurrence of a train that stops at Denton Railway Station, asking if this was not “ the most pathetic rail schedule in the country “ ? My recollections are that he has been asked by constituents in the past as to what are the chances of a constructive service from Denton being reinstated, I think to Manchester centre. Not being one to ever say no, even though this is as likely as hell freezing over, I believe he responded that he would follow this up. Perhaps this was his moment?
Clearly, at least he has appeared in the House with enough frequency to be well known to the journalist involved, but his column then produced hilarious reading at Mr Gwynne’s expense. I am sure he has a sense of humour and I hope he doesn’t mind my repeating a sample of the journalist’s jocular observations. Check the Daily Mail web site for the extended version – brilliant.

“ It should perhaps be admitted that Mr Gwynne, whose default setting is the loud nasal wheedle, is not always the most reliable witness. Westminster has many a hyperbole artist. The Labour benches, where he sits, are more than amply stocked with shroud wavers and catastrophists. Few are quite as pessimistic as comrade Gwynne.”

Quite a testimonial to the standing of our favourite career politician within Westminster circles. Keep them coming Mr Gwynne; there is an election around the corner, one in which you will be seriously challenged for the first time, on this occasion by Ukip. We will not be quite as easy a touch as the Conservatives have been previously. For instance, if you think we have forgotten the expenses scandal, then forget it. Your record made embarrassing reading back in 2008, but it was effectively censored in the local press. Time I think shortly to reveal all, courtesy of the Daily Telegraph’s expose of the time. How is Tesco’s these days Andrew? Watch this space.

Talking of the Telegraph, they reported nationally the seasonal largesse of TMBC and its Christmas Tree fiasco in Micklehurst and Mottram. “ Are these the worst Christmas Trees in the UK “ or similar, ran the headline. Not on your life, these are real and sustainable trees, all of 3 foot high, which will grow into mighty specimens in 10 years. That is if they don’t die a natural death or end up in somebody else’s front room first! They really are the most befuddled clods aren,t they. Have residents there been giving the Council a hard time, as this sounds like another example of the usual vindictive retaliation to me.

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