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Nigel Farage 2016 Local Elections Message - UKIP cllr's are keeping up the good work across the country by supporting local people first.

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Free Parking

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We have to admit that our town centres are suffering, in fact they are slowly dying. We see more and more shops closing down before our eyes and the Labour run council are doing nothing to stop this rot.

UKIP Tameside want to bring 1-2hr free parking in all our town centres. Ask any business or small stall trader what the benefit this would offer, it's just basic business common sense.

A Better Tameside

UKIP Tameside want to stop the ongoing decay of local communities, to many community assets are closing and being sold off unnecessarily.

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Vote UKIP for a better Tameside

Stand up and be heard, vote UKIP and together we can make Tameside a much better place to live and work for all of us.

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Our Services

    • More road maintenance
    • Better waste management
    • Your Services not Our Services
    • Education without indoctrination
    • Support for Businesses
    • More community engagement
    • up to 2hrs Free Parking
    • Rejuvenated Local Markets
    • Fair spending across all Tameside towns
    • Getting priorities right on spending
    • Saving Community Heritage and Green Belt
    • Saving Public facilities
    • A fair housing standard in the private sector
  • Tameside council have been in the grip of Labour for over 30 years and in this position they have become complacent and arrogant. In recent years we have seen them greatly reduce the amount of spend in smaller towns for their obsessive compulsion on the development of Ashton.
    This cannot go on any longer, our small towns are dying before our eyes but they continue to sell off assets and reduce parking space killing off our markets and small shops.
    A vote for UKIP can stop this.
  • UKIP Tameside You can help UKIP Tameside in lots of ways...from simply showing our name in your window to joining us as a member.
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